After a few years working as a clinical psychologist and coordinator of a play and visual art project, idealized by me, for hospitalized patients —inspired by the work of psychiatrist Nise da Silveira and educator Maria Amélia Pereira — I enrolled in a drawing course, almost by chance. 

    Drawing led me to perceive the things of the world in a new way. I began to see the nuances of a shadow, the drawing that forms between one object and the other, the trunk of a tree with its many colors and tones, the strength of the lines, so on. 

   In 2006,  I went on to pursue my master’s degree at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, where I joined the Art Therapy department. I could attend some painting and drawing classes, and constantly visit the museum attached to the School. These possibilities represented a unique experience for the maturing of my regard, which was already aiming at the painter inside me, not to mention the discovery of color.

    In 2012, I had my first  solo and group exhibition. In 2014, I  stopped working as a psychotherapist to focus exclusively on my art studio work. 

     I began my career as an artist painting and drawing, and only a couple years later I discovered embroidery when I came across a basted thread on a fabric and intuited the expressive potential of this language. Then, I brought threads, fabrics and my grandmother’s sewing box to the studio and began exploring this universe.


   I am a painter, a draftswoman and an embroiderer who works directly from nature and things around my studio. However, I am interested on the outgrowths of the line and the color. For me, everything is color and movement.